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What is Poultry Plaza all about?

PoultryPlaza is the top agro-ecommerce destination for poultry produce and equipment in Nigeria. We sell day old chicks, turkey poults, ducklings, point of lay, vaccines, drugs and various poultry equipment. 


Where is your office?

We deliver to different parts of the country but we are based in 26/27 Adewunmi Layout, Off Akinyemi Way, Oke-Ayo, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.


Why the different names and prices of birds on the website?

The different names are the brand names of the hatcheries and breeders farms that produce the chicks. For example CHI, Zartech, etc. Despite the sometimes similar breeds, the different prices are fixed by the different hatcheries just as different petrol stations sell the same petrol at different pump prices. The quality of chicks are not too different.


What is the minimum quantity one can order?

The minimum quantity order is 50 for chicks, 10 for turkey poults and ducklings. When the quantity of turkey poults and ducklings are less than 30 you will have to pay a surcharge for a carton that will be communicated to you by the sales representative.


How can I get my birds to my location?

We will hand the birds over to our partner drivers to deliver to the nearest distribution center or bus stop for you to pick up. When the birds are dispatched, we will send you the contact number of the driver to keep in touch. Please check this link to know our closest collection point to you


Who is responsible for the transportation cost?

The customer is responsible for paying the transportation cost. They can either choose to pay it upfront or pay to the driver or dispatcher at the point of collection. We recommend paying for transport at the point of collection.


Is it payment on delivery or before delivery?

It is 100% payment before delivery, but you can choose to pay the transportation cost at the point of collection.


How many days does it take to get the birds after payment?

Usually the birds are delivered within 3 days of payment. We supply every Monday and Thursday. However, when the delivery will take longer due to availability, we will inform you of the new delivery date ahead. Our delivery dates are always shown on the product pages on our website.


Any compensation for mortality on transit?

We compensate for mortality on transit so long as you identify and report them right at the point of collection. We will instantly refund you the cost of the mortality or send you a replacement (whichever you prefer) but you might need to document them with photos, videos or the driver/dispatcher as witness. Here is more regarding our compensation policy


Do you organize training for farmers or would-be farmers?

We have an online poultry course for purchase. Here it is


How long does it take broilers to mature to market size?

It takes broilers between 6 to 8 weeks to mature to 2.2 to 2.8kg depending on how they are fed, as well as other factors like their health, environment, etc. We will provide you with a management guide to assist you raise them.


How long does it take noilers to mature to market size?

Noiler is a hybrid of broiler and cockerel. It matures to 2.3kg in 13 weeks.


Which is the best breed?

There is no such thing as best breed. All the breeds we sell are equally good. So their performance depends on a lot of factors like quality of feed, medication, disease control, etc.


What if the product I ordered for is no longer available on the due date, will I get a refund?

Yes you can get a refund so long as your order has not been dispatched.


When there is a change in price by the hatchery, will I pay the new price? Or the money I paid previously is still valid?

When there is a change in price by the hatchery, you will have to pay the difference.


Do you assist customers in selling matured birds?

No, we do not.


Can I come to your office to check the birds before payment?

You can come to our head office in Ibadan to see the birds but they are always fully booked by the time they are hatched. Birds are hatched the night or morning before dispatch, so it is very important that bookings and payments are confirmed before they are hatched.


Can the birds be transported directly to my farm?

We mainly deliver birds to the collection center or bus stop nearest to the customer. However, it is possible to deliver directly to your farm with special arrangement in place. In that case, you should let us know and we will arrange with the driver and let you know of the cost implication.


Can my order be changed even after payment?

Yes it can be changed so long as the birds have not yet been hatched or ready for dispatch.


Can I order only one particular gender of birds? E.g. only female turkey poult? Or only male broilers?

Not for broilers and noilers as they come mixed 50:50 male to female. However, cockerels are all male while layers are all female. For turkey poults and ducklings, we can try to supply you your prefered gender but there will be no guarantee.


I would like to start the business, how do I go about it?

First you need to have the knowledge and enthusiasm to be a poultry farmer. Second, you need money that will be enough until you break even. We offer cheap online training to those who are looking to venture into poultry business, as well as affordable business plan to guide you. Here is the link


Will there be any discount if I buy a high quantity?

Yes we offer discounts for high quantity purchases. Our discounted prices appear on our product pages.